Lord Aldwyn Blackburn

Lord of Blackstone in Driftmark



With valyrian blood, he has blond (nearly white) short hair with purple eyes.

Honorable and arrogant.
His aim is justice, his virtue is loyalty, he is motivated by duty and his vice is cruelty.

His sword named Downfall made with valyrian steel was brought from the
Valyrian Freehold by his ancestors.


Season 1

Aldwyn was born during the reign of Aerys II Targaryen, the Mad King. As the heir of the House Blackburn, he was educated in war by his father Wilham Blackburn and the Blackstone’s Master-at-Arms Godric Kent.

House Velaryon and House Blackburn have always had a good relationship because the two houses went to Dragonstone from the Valyrian FreeHold when Aegon The Conqueror gave them some lands to build both castles. In that way, Montford Velaryon and Wilham Blackburn were good friends and had an important relevance into Targaryen ‘s Court. They worked on behalf of Dragonstone ’s Prince when he weren’t in the islands.

Wilham Blackburn was killed when the islands were taken by Stanis Baratheon at the end of Robert’s Rebellion and Aldwyn become the Lord of Blackstone - which was reduced to ruines - at the age of fifteen. So he was forced to yield his army to survive when Velaryon kneel down to the rebels.

Aldwyn received his knighthood, at seventeen, from Montford Velaryon when he showed his ability as a military leader saving Sharp Point and Stone Dance from the attack of a pirate lysene fleet. The pirate captain Tarek Saan was arrested and locked up into the Blackstone’s dungeon for one year. The screams of Tarek were heard through the castle walls ever since, until he died.

After the heroic deed, the old alliances with House Warmingsun were renewed with the marriage between Lord Blackburn and Ella Warmingsun. Their first son was named William in honour of Wilham Blackburn. They also had two children: Bella and Hadrian.

Although Montford Velaryon tried to take care of Aldwyn after his father’s dead, the new lord of Blackstone blamed him for leaving Wilham alone against the enemy which caused the fall of the House Blackburn. Nowadays, their relation is cooler than ever and Aldwyn Blackburn is determined to give Velaryon what he deserves.

Season 2

Amb el pas del temps acabem oblidant les ofenses que ens han fet, suavitzant les situacions, accions i caràcters de la gent que hem deixat enrere; i això mateix és el que sent Aldwyn cap a Velaryon.

Desde que el va assassinar (paraula justa per al que va cometre), Aldwyn no ha conseguit conciliar el son consumit per la culpa, ja que ara té tendència a recordar els anys que va passar com a pupil seu, de manera que les nits que està al seu castell a Blackstone les passa tancat a la torre del senyor, on no hi deixa entrar a ningú excepte al seu mestre d’armes Godric Kent.

Sortir a navegar tampoc és un consol per a ell, ja que les nits que passa al vaixell acostuma a veure a Velaryon a la coberta mirant-lo fixament, o actuant com si fós un mariner més.

De cara a la cort, Lord Aldwyn segueix mostrant-se igual d’altiu, honorable i perfectament capaç de dirigir el seu exèrcit, tot i que té els rasgos més demacrats i la mirada més dura per culpa de les nits d’insomni. Entre els seus servents es rumoreja que passa moltes hores a davant la tomba del seu pare Wilham Blackburn i que hi ha nits en que se’l sent parlar sol.

Actualment passa molt més temps a Dragonstone al costat d’Stannis que a Blackstone preparant la guerra per a reclamar Storm’s End.

Lord Aldwyn Blackburn

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